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Media Contact: Debra Drury

Media Release - For immediate Release

8 November 2023

For Immediate Release

Allmach's enhanced website launched: designed to make customers’ website experience quicker and easier.

Allmach, a renowned name in the piping supply industry, is delighted to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website, marking a significant milestone in enhancing customer experience. With a keen focus on addressing the specific needs of its valued customers, Allmach's enhanced online platform delivers improved search functionality, seamless navigation, and crystal-clear, high-resolution product images.

Transactional Excellence remains an enduring cornerstone of Allmach's offering.
We've listened closely to our customers, and their invaluable feedback has driven every enhancement to our website. The result is a digital gateway that not only streamlines the sales process but transforms the entire customer experience journey. It caters to every role within your organisation, from purchasing to accounts and delivery.

“One of the standout features of our new website is the lightning-fast quote generation process” states Allmach Sales Manager, Chris Millar.

“It lets customers receive quotes faster while being more straightforward than before. Plus, our new platform facilitates hassle-free returns and provides our customers a convenient way to manage orders and monitor deliveries on a site-by-site basis. We’ve focused on ease of use for a seamless customer experience, all while extending Allmach’s dedication to quality and service to our online presence”.

In an era dominated by automated chatbots, Allmach is proud to offer direct access to local human customer support via our website or on the phone. The choice is yours and the level of service remains the same. We believe that personal interactions and expert assistance remain crucial to delivering a seamless customer experience.

Our enhanced website design also means you can conveniently access all your accounts in one unified space. We've eliminated the need for multiple logins and cumbersome navigation, making it easier than ever to stay on top of your piping solutions.

"Allmach's put a lot of effort into making the customer experience easier," says Debby Kruger, Brand Manager at Allmach. "We’ve listened, drawing inspiration from our customers' needs in offering a website with exceptional benefits - a smoother experience, quicker quotes, and access to real human support. Even with such a technologically powerful website, we always value the human interaction side of things, holding true to our roots".

Allmach is dedicated to delivering a better sales experience and an overall customer experience that sets a new standard in the industry. With exceptional focus on clear navigation, quick ordering, efficient account management and easy interaction, our new website puts you, the customer, at the heart and centre of it all.

Experience the unparalleled convenience, efficiency, and speed that our newly redesigned website brings to your business. Please visit www.allmach.com.au/2023-enhanced-website for more information about Allmach’s enhanced website.


Download the pdf version here.
About Allmach:

Allmach Pneumatic & Fluid Systems is a leading Australian supplier of PVC, Polyethylene, flexible Dual Contained, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium pipe piping systems, suitable for the safe transport of gas, air, water, chemicals, and fluids. Trusted by Civil, Industrial, Mining, Water Treatment, Fire Suppression, Mechanical and Construction sectors with 30 years delivering quality piping solutions. Allmach is proudly ISO9001 certified.

Media Contact: Debra Drury
Phone: 1300 625 562
Email: debra.drury@allmach.com.au