Gas Pipeline Systems

Gas Pipeline

Gas piping systems deliver natural and inert gases safely and efficiently. Gas pipelines are used in medical, commercial, retail, mining, and residential environments for breathing air, energy, heat, packaging, drink-dispensing, and tyre inflation. Fast to install and easy to modify, the inert gas pipe systems are ideal for use in existing networks or in new installations direct from the inert gas source including cylinder manifolds or nitrogen generators.

Piping systems for gas delivery must meet stringent compliance standards, withstand adverse environmental factors, and have installation QA check capability.

    Allmach’s Gas Pipe Line Solutions


    Allmach provides above-and-below ground solutions for gas pipeline applications. Allmach’s multi-product portfolio includes corrosion-free, leak-proof, and regulation-compliant solutions including AGA (Australian Gas Association) & DVGW, (German water and gas certification) and are reliable, safe, easy and quick to install and maintain. Therefore, saving time and money. Product suitable for gas pipelines include:

      • SurePress: A European manufactured stainless steel press-fit piping system that is corrosion-free and includes an innovative “no leak” press-check sleeve solution and a “break-away” QA check indicator.
      • UniPipe: A quality European manufactured high-pressure aluminium modular piping system that has a dynamic patented grip ring which secures the fitting to the pipe and a colour band identifying fluid type and working pressure.
      • Stream: A lightweight, flexible, and environmentally-friendly polyethylene pipe fitting range that includes electrofusion fittings for fast and reliable installations.

    Where are Gas Pipelines Used?

    Industrial & manufacturing (nitrogen, argon, CO2)


    Beer and drink dispensing (CO2)


    High rise natural gas mains supply


    Nitrogen (truck tyres last 30% longer)


    Oxygen Reticulation


    Food packaging (nitrogen, carbon dioxide)


    Natural gas