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Irrigation Piping Systems

Irrigation Pipe

Irrigation piping systems apply controlled amounts of water to produce crops and maintain landscaping in rural, domestic, agricultural, and commercial situations. Other uses include water transfer for dams, tanks and water bores, and stock watering lots. Polyethylene (PE) pipe is the ideal solution for irrigation installations. With little or no water wastage or evaporation, lightweight means it is easier to transport and install, is flexible, and has a high resistance to impact and weathering.

    Allmach’s Irrigation Piping Solutions:


    Allmach’s multi-product portfolio includes corrosion-free, leak-proof, and regulation-complaint solutions. Moreover, these are reliable, safe, easy, and quick to install and maintain. Therefore, saving time and money. Products suitable for irrigation include:

      • Stream: A lightweight, flexible, UV stabilised, and environmentally friendly polyethylene pipe fittings range that includes electrofusion fittings for fast and reliable installations.

    Where are Irrigation Piping Systems Used?

    Broad Acreage Watering

    Stock Watering Lots

    Domestic Water

    Crop Irrigation

    Water Bores, Dam and Tank Water Transfer

    Commercial Irrigtion

    Golf Courses, Park and Gardens