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Hydraulic Water Pipeline

Hydraulic Water Pipeline

Hydraulic water systems require piping to circulate water for heating or cooling purposes, or to deliver potable and mains water. Chilled water systems are closed loop (reticulated) systems that circulate cool water to create the air conditioning that cools buildings used for office, manufacturing, medical, and laboratory environments. Thus, creating safe and comfortable working environments.

Hot water circulation works in the same way, and it is used for heating and hot water usage. Piping systems for potable water need to meet stringent compliance regulations, withstand environmental factors such as chlorine-based disinfectants, oxidisation, contamination, heat, and operating and gravity pressure. It is essential these systems are leak-proof and corrosion-free to maintain efficiency and reduce maintenance.

    Allmach’s Hydraulic Water System Solutions


    Allmach provides above-and-below ground solutions for reticulated and supply water applications. Allmach’s multi-product portfolio includes corrosion-free, leak-proof, and regulation-complaint solutions. In addition, the products are reliable, safe, easy and quick to install and maintain. Therefore, saving time and money. Products suitable for hydraulic water systems include:

      • SurePress: A European manufactured stainless-steel press-fit piping system that is corrosion-free and includes an innovative “no leak” press-check sleeve solution.
      • Stream:: A lightweight, flexible, and environmentally-friendly polyethylene pipe and fittings range that includes electrofusion fittings for fast and reliable installations.

    Where are Reticulated Compressed Air Systems Used?

    Residential and Commercial High-rise Buildings

    Potable Water, Recycle Water, And Climate Control

    Industry and Manufacturing

    Climate Control and Safety Showers

    Pharmaceutical and Electronics Manufacturers

    Cimate Control and Safety Showers

    Industry and Manufacturing

    Environmental Cooling, Safety Showers, and Machine Cooling

    Regional Councils and City Planners

    Potable Water

    Feedlots and Farming

    Drinking Water and Irrigation

    Food and Beverage

    Potable and Wash-Down