Allmach Pneumatic & Fluid Systems (Allmach PFS) is a major wholesaler and distributor of plastic, aluminium and stainless steel piping systems. We stock a comprehensive range of quality products at economical prices, providing the best piping solutions for every application


How can i set up an allmach Credit Account?

Contact Allmach’s accounts team by calling 1300 625 562 or send your request to accounts@allmach.com.au. We will email you the link for a 30-day credit account application.


What are your opening hours?

Our customer service & warehouse departments are open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m weekdays.


What delivery services do allmach offer?

We provide excellent delivery services, with warehouses in Sydney and Brisbane. We also offer same-day delivery in metro areas, as well as 1 – 2 days delivery to regional areas and all other capital cities.


Is it correct there are various types of Dual Containment hoses?

Yes, there are two types of Dual Containment Hose: Standard and Detect Leak.

What internal dameters are available in dual contained hose ?

The ID of the Dual Containment Hose is 6mm-50mm. Allmach has exclusive rights to these sizes.

What are the maximum length of pipe available?

The product is supplied on drums of 450 – 500 metres. However, we can supply lengths of up to 700 metres. Common lengths of 150, 200, 250 metres are readily available, and each coil is tested for electric conductivity and certified before delivery.

What Chemicals can be transferred through the product?

The product comes with various material inners such as PVC, LDPE and PTFE to cover resistance of most common chemicals used in dosing such as Sodium Hypochlorite, Ferric and Caustic. Full chemical details are always requested including concentrations to ensure that the product is fully fit for purpose. Full chemical resistance charts are available on request.

Are Catch pots needed when using PF-detect?

The product comes with various material inners such as PVC, LDPE and PTFE to cover resistance of most common chemicals used in dosing such as Sodium Hypochlorite, Ferric and Caustic. Full chemical details are always requested including concentrations to ensure that the product is fully fit for purpose. Full chemical resistance charts are available on request.


What is the earliest time that we can request for delivery?

Allmach’s delivery is flexible. Typically, 7 a.m. is our first drop, providing the order is placed 3-4 working hours in advance.

Does Allmach ship outside of Australia?

Currently, Allmach does not arrange freight outside of Australia. Should you have an overseas project requirement, please contact our sales team at sales@allmach.com.au.

How do we protect the pipes for interstate Travel?

When sending pipe interstate, we ensure that it is packed accordingly to prevent it from getting damaged.

Can i pick up my order from the store?

Yes, pick-up in-store is available. Please allow 1-2 hours from placement of order before pickup.
Allmach has offices in Sydney (NSW) and Brisbane (QLD) and distributes nationwide from both locations.


Does allmach Supply Threaded/welded fittings?

We do not supply aluminum threaded or welded fittings. However, the Unipipe system we supply utilises compression-style fittings.

Does allmach only supply compressed air piping?

Allmach supplies piping systems for a broad range of services including compressed air, water, gas, oil, fuel, fire sprinkler systems and irrigation. Read more about applications here.

Can i have a copy of the product catalogues and Specifications?

Catalogues are available under the product pages on our website when logged in. Alternatively, please contact us for copies.


What is the restocking fee for returns?

The restocking fee for returned goods is 15%.

Does allmach accept returns for Credit?

Yes, we accept returns for credit providing a return authorisation has been processed in advance and the goods are in a resaleable condition. Please contact us by email.


Does allmach install piping?

Allmach is a piping wholesaler, therefore we do not offer installation. However, we have plenty of resellers Australia-wide who can assist you with your supply & install needs. Contact us for more details about installers.

Can allmach cut pipes to order?

Yes, we can organise for your pipe to be cut to order. However, we only sell the pipe as complete lengths so it will incur a cutting fee.


Is there a visual indication when the fittings are successfully pressed?

Yes, SurePress fittings have two indicators. One coloured ring which is destroyed and falls away once the press cycle is complete, and a ‘Leak path O-ring’ which will allow a slight leakage of fluid/gas until the press cycle is complete.

Does allmach offer tooling for the installation of surepress pipework?

Yes, we have a large range of tooling available for sale or hire. Our hire fleet is constantly being upgraded and by mid-2021 all our press tooling will have data logging and Bluetooth connectivity to allow the contractors to download all press data for their projects.

how do i cut surepress pipe?

SurePress Stainless & Carbon steel tube can be cut with a manual wheel cutter. Please speak with our team to ensure you have the correct wheel option. We also have options for a powered cutter for larger sizes. Contact us to us for options.

Surepress Press-fit carbon steel

Is the surepress system price-competitive cmpared to thread and roll groove joining methods?

As the Surepress system is 10 times faster to install than traditional copper pipes and requires no threading, hemping or gluing, it is much more economical to install. Press fitted pipe joints are fast, easy and risk-free. The result of the operation is “definitive” since it is no longer possible to separate the components and return them to the original condition.

Are Surepress o-rings fire rated and will they degrade over time?

Surepress O-rings are fire rated and have passed the RINA fire test.
They are made of black EPDM and are resistant to ageing, heat and chemical additives.

Please explain why thin-walled tube is allowed when the specification calls for thick-walled pipe?

SurePress thin-walled tube has been approved by Activfire for use in fire sprinkler and hydrant systems because it is made to a high specification and is electroplated which allows for a thinner-walled tube. The tube would be easier to handle and cut because of this.


Does allmach supply toolingfor our piping systems?

Yes, we have tooling available for both purchase and hire (daily, weekly & monthly). Contact us for more details about tooling.

Does allmach service tooling?

Yes, we do offer a tooling service. Contact sales for more information on services.

Does allmach offer training for our tooling?

Yes. We provide training in-house and onsite upon request, free of charge. Contact us for more details.

UNIPLAS-Sch-80 PVC Piping

Why use SCH-80 piping?

Sch-80 PVC is resistant to a variety of chemicals and can handle most acids, oxidants, salts, bases, etc. It is lightweight, easy to handle and install. Unlike metals, PVC is corrosion resistant and will not rust.

Is SCH-80 piping UV resistant?

Sch-80 PVC pipe & fittings are manufactured using additives to provide UV stabilization. When exposed to direct sunlight, PVC will eventually show discolouration over a period of time. The discolouration will not compromise the system and is cosmetic in nature and will only occur where there is direct exposure to UV radiation.

what is the maximum pressure and temperature rating of SCH-80 pipe?

The pressure rating of Sch-80 varies and is size-dependent. Typical ratings are 60-16bar for sizes 3/8-12″. These ratings are de-rated the higher the operating temperature. The operating temperature range is 0-60°C.

what is the difference between SCH-40 and SCH-80 pipe?

Sch-80 pipe has a thicker wall than that of Sch-40 and is primarily used in harsher environments than Sch-40. The thicker wall can handle higher pressure applications and is suitable for heavy industrial applications..