GARDUS is a flexible, robust, leak-detectable dual containment hose system that is utilised in the water treatment industry for its safety and cost benefits. GARDUS conveys aggressive and high-concentration chemicals safely, eliminating the potential risk to personnel and the environment by containing leaks. Any potentially leaked liquid stays between the inner and outer hose, and with no air gap, wastage is minimised. In addition, with no leakage into the surrounding area, there is no potential risk to health or environment, or disposal of harmful chemicals from a catch pot.

GARDUS is suitable for a broad range of chemical dosing and water treatment applications for potable water, waste water and industrial water processing in the water treatment, chemical, mining, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing sectors in both new and retrofit installations.

What sets the innovative GARDUS system ahead of the market, is the unique GARDUS Sentinel leak alarm and alert function. In the unlikely event of a leak, the system will immediately shut down the pump and raise the alarm to notify plant controllers via control panels or sms alerts.


  • European Manufactured
  • Strong and reliable PU outer – does not distort
  • 12 year No Leak in-service reputation


  • Fully leak-detectable
  • The first leak detectable chemical dosing flexible hose
  • Clear, durable outer – allows excellent visual inspection
  • Ideal for temporary lines – no catch-pot required
  • UV stable outer


  • Dual hose – pre-assembled
  • Lower shipping & storage costs.
  • Avoids wastage and spills
  • Lower cost than traditional hose-in-hose systems


  • Environmentally safe – avoids contamination spills
  • OH & S – Protects workers from potential chemical exposure
  • Safely contains aggressive & high concentration chemicals
  • Minimal liquid to trigger alarm and shut-off procedure
  • Any leaked liquid safely contained in polyurethane jacket
  • Alarm activated leak system

Easy and Fast to Install

  • Flexible – safe to use in high traffic areas due to potential leak mitigation
  • Internal diameters – from 6mm to 50mm
  • 48% lighter than traditional leak detect hose
  • Better flexibility & lower bend radius


  • Approved by major water and wastewater treatment companies”
  • Reduced packaging & fully recyclable

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