Pipeforce is a PE100 poly piping system specifically designed for compressed air reticulation, with three types of fittings: socket fusion, electrofusion, and compression fittings. The system is suitable for compressed air systems above and below ground. Pipeforce is safe for breathing-air and food-grade applications, eliminates pipe corrosion, and has broad chemical resistance.


  • 50-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Manufactured with high-density PE100 polyethylene


  • Broad range chemical resistance
  • Compatible with compressor oils
  • Eliminates pipe corrosion
  • Low friction — smooth bore


  • Socket Fusion Fittings join quickly with a welding tool — forms a fully-fused, leak-free, and tamper-proof join
  • Compression Fittings join quickly and by hand — removable and reusable.
  • Electrofusion Fittings — Assembled by hand and electrofusion welder; enable pre-assembly or adjustment


  • Breathable air safe
  • Food Safe Grade
  • Robust — thick walled
  • Impact resistant — ductile in nature and won’t shatter like PVC

Easy and Fast to Install

  • Eliminates pipe threading, flaring or gluing
  • 75% faster installation than with traditional (copper) materiaIs


  • Pipeforce PE100 pipe and fittings conform with AS2070.1 “plastic material for food contact use"
  • Pipeforce Compression fittings conform to AS4129 and BS6920
  • Pipeforce Heavy Duty B.S.P threaded fittings conform with AS3855.3
  • ISO 9002 Certified Quality Systems

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