Stream is a robust and flexible polyethylene (PE) pipe and fittings range, suitable for use in industrial, commercial, and residential water and gas applications. The system is suitable for gas, slurry, buried mains, recycled and potable water, irrigation and drainage, gravity and rising sewer. For fast installation, the range includes electrofusion fittings. Stream PE pipe and fittings are reliable, cost-effective, safe and easy to install.


  • Manufactured from recycled UV stabilised polyethylene (PE) material with applicable AS standards approvals


  • UV Stabilised polyethylene (PE) material
  • Corrosion and impact resistant
  • High chemical resistance
  • Resilience to ground movement
  • Reduced fluid friction and scale/deposit resistant


  • 100m coils and 12m lengths — fewer joints required
  • Fewer installers required — faster and cheaper to install
  • Flexibility of pipes — fewer breakages
  • Longevity reduces maintenance costs


  • Less weight — reduces installers’ injuries
  • Potable water safe (blue line)
  • Environmentally-friendly — manufactured from recyclable polyethylene (PE) material and no leaching issues

Easy and Fast to Install

  • Lightweight — fewer installers required
  • No thrust blocks required – faster to install


  • AS/NZS 4130 — PE Pipes for pressure applications
  • AS/NZS 4131 — PE Compounds for pressure pipe and fittings
  • AS/NZS 4129 — PE pipe fittings for pressure applications
  • AS1345-1995 — for pipe identification
  • WaterMark Approved (blue line)

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