Tesla Service Centre

About Tesla Service Centre, Alexandria, Sydney

Tesla is a global electric car manufacturer and provider of after sales servicing of its vehicles. One of Tesla’s 13 services centres in Australia is based in the South Sydney Suburb of Alexandria. Tesla places great emphasis on the global brand experience: “transposing its cars’ unique design and usability concepts into their service centres” *. Telsa Alexandria recently installed compressed airlines for the maintenance of its Tesla brand electric vehicles.

Pipe Infrastructure Capabilities

Routine Tesla maintenance is generally four times faster than internal combustion vehicles, and therefore, requires precision systems to facilitate speed. Tesla service stations are also required to have clean and minimal aesthetics to conform to its global brand image. With these stringent brand standards in mind, Surepress 316L M profile stainless steel pipe and fittings system was chosen for the compressed air distribution lines. The system’s glossy finish and uniform pressfit joint system leaves no unsightly residue on the pipes and integrates perfectly into visible installations, making it the ideal choice in the Tesla environment and its minimalist design approach.

Challenges and Solutions

The Tesla piping system installation project needed to be completed in an extremely short time frame to ensure a minimal downtime in operations. Surepress stainless steel pressfit systems are ten times faster to install than traditional piping systems due to its innovative pressfit system, ensuring the time frame was met. In addition, compliance with the high standards required in relation to the architectural design was met by Surepress aesthetically pleasing finished installation. A Surepress representative stated: “We are also proud that our pressfittings, with their completely recyclable steel and “clean and simple” joint system, can take part in building the future of environmentally sustainable installations”.