UniPipe is a European manufactured high-pressure aluminium modular piping system suitable for compressed air, high-pressure compressed air, nitrogen, industrial gases, and vacuum applications. The fittings are lightweight, have a dynamic patented grip ring that secures the fitting to the pipe, and a colour band identifying fluid type and working pressure. UniPipe fittings and pipe are reliable, cost-effective, safe and easy to install.


  • 10-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • European manufactured


  • Secure dynamic grip ring fittings
  • High-pressure aluminium pipe


  • More cost-effective than traditional piping options (e.g. copper)
  • Requires no special tooling


  • Requires no specific skilled labour to install

Easy and Fast to Install

  • “Click together” fittings for rapid installation with minimal tooling required


  • ISO9001 certified
  • Aluminium pipe conforms to EN AW 6060 – T5 EN 755-2 (6063TS-ASTS-ASTM 241), 515, 573-3, and 1706 standards
  • Aluminium pipe conforms to EN AW 6061 T6 (ASTMB241-6061T6) standards

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